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THBRV-187.5D Digital Display Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester

THBRV-187.5DDigitalDisplayBrinellRockwell&VickersHardnessTester  MainFeatures:    THBRV-187.5DDigitalBrinellRockwell&VickersHardnessTesterwithdirect-viewingLCDdisplayscreenandsingle-chipm

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THBRV-187.5D Digital Display Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester



Main Features:


    THBRV-187.5D Digital Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester with direct-viewing LCD display screen and single-chip microcomputer control system enables to realize the automatic operation of hardness test. The hardness tester has such characteristics as higher test precision, simple and easy operation, high sensitivity, easy usage, reliable load changing, stable displaying values. Beside manually move the test table up and down, the instrument completely realizes the automatic operations such as loading and unloading the test force, direct displaying hardness value, etc. With its built-in printer, the instrument records the main technique data during measurement process.


Main Technical Specifications

1.Initial Test Force (N): 98

2.Total Test Force:

3.The Vickers Hardness Test (N): 294.2, 588, 980

4.The Rockwell Hardness Test (N): 588, 980, 1471

5.The Brinell Hardness Test (N): 306, 613, 1839

6.Hardness Test Range

7.The Rockwell Hardness Test: (70-85)HRA,(30-100)HRB, (20-67)HRC

8.Accuracy of Displaying Value: ±0.1HR; Repeatability of Displaying Value: 0.5HR

9.The Brinell Hardness Test:

(8-650)HB Accuracy of Displaying Value (δ/%):±2.5; Repeatability of Displaying Value (Hcf/%)3.0

10.The Vickers Hardness Test

(14-100)HV Accuracy of Displaying Value (δ/%):±2; Repeatability of Displaying Value (Hcf/%)2.5

11.Dwell Time of Total Test Force(s): 1-60

12.Amplification of Microscope: 37.5X, 75X

13.Test Eyepiece: Automatically Digital Encoder

14.Readout Method of Hardness Displaying Value: LCD

15.Max Allow Height of Specimen (mm): 180 (Rockwell), 135(Vickers & Brinell)

16.Distance Between Indenter and Body of Instrument (mm): 140

17.Overall Dimension (mm): 463X215X700

18.Power Voltage: AC220V, 100W

19.Net Weight of Instrument (kg): 75



Rockwell & Vickers Indenter 1 pc for each;

Diameter: 1.5875, 2.5, 5mm Hard Alloy Ball Indenter: I pc for each;

Test Microscope 1 pc,;

Light Lamp 1 set;

Hardness Test Block: 5pcs,

Large, Medium, V-shaped Test Table 1 for each;

Power Cord: 1 pc;

Slipping Test Table: 1 pc;

Objectives: 1 pc

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